WE MUST STOP Attacks on Title X and Women’s Health Services

I’ve spent a professional lifetime as a doctor and public health expert, caring for people across the country and around the world. From the bedside to the big picture, I’ve worked to ensure that healthcare is accessible to all—and will continue to do so as your Congresswoman. I’ve worked to build and support strong programs for comprehensive women’s health services, to prevent gender-based violence and violence against children, and to enhance the education and status of adolescent girls and young women for a healthy future.
That’s just one of the reasons I’m outraged by the Trump Administration’s June 1 revision to Title X, the 1970 statute that allowed federal money to go toward reproductive healthcare and affordable birth control. Essentially, they want to “blacklist” organizations from receiving these monies if they even speak the word “abortion.”  And they don’t care who is hurt by reduced access to some of our biggest providers of family planning and birth control.
Make no mistake: this is yet another of the GOP’s efforts to decimate Planned Parenthood on the way to overturning Roe v. Wade. Government should not be interfering in healthcare conversations. Discussions about reproductive health should be between a woman and her doctor ONLY. And the idea of doctors and medical providers fearing for their organizations’ funding at the expense of giving women honest medical information is abhorrent. And I can guarantee you—this is only one of many attacks that are in the works. Having witnessed the Trump Administration from inside—and seen how even more insidious actions are being taken within our agencies to dismantle effective programs—I’m convinced this is only going to get worse.
It’s time to have new voices at the table—women doctors; those of public health experts; those who have worked at all levels of government to fight for healthcare; those who aren’t new to the fight, but have been fighting for decades. I am that voice. 
I learned long ago—from years of succeeding in finding solutions in the most dire of circumstances—that you run into the fight rather than away from it. I look forward to continuing the fight for you and for women’s health rights in Congress.
– Dr. Shannon