Read the Endorsement letter from former Seattle Mayor Charles Royer

“I know how important the 8th District Congressional race is if we are to take back a broken, Republican-controlled House and get our country back on a good track. But, I was holding back on supporting either of the other two Democrats because I didn’t think either could beat a well-financed career candidate, Dino Rossi, nor that they had the experience to be effective in the government.

Then, just when everything started going really wrong with our country, here comes Dr. Shannon Hader, sort of like the movie where John Wayne rides into town to deal with the bullies who were trying to tear down everything she valued as a respected executive and physician in public service.

It’s a great American story. One you don’t see often in today’s politics. Someone who has spent years preparing herself not to run for office, but to serve outside the political limelight, never dreaming a girl in Auburn public schools would get herself into Stanford, Columbia and Emory Universities, become a physician in the Public Health Service, and run a huge public program fighting disease here and around the world, only to run for office herself because her town, her state, and her country were headed in the wrong direction.

Before I even spoke with her, I had a gut feeling I had found my candidate.

Even old political reporters like myself are shaking their heads at Shannon’s endorsements of labor rights organizations, almost all this sprawling district’s Democratic party organizations, plus civic leaders from cities, towns, rural areas, and suburbs.

I think she will win this primary election. More importantly, she could beat Dino Rossi, who hardly even campaigns as he sits on a pile of money from organizations and individuals who may not like Donald Trump, but know they need President Donald Trump and a House and Senate run by Republicans.

She is every professional and entrenched candidate’s worst nightmare. Smart. Likable. Mature beyond her years. Authentic (as in Auburn). And fresh, with energy and government know-how tempered by the knowledge that we need to change how we do politics and government without wrecking the institutions or hurting the people who depend on them.”

– Charley Royer