The Pacific Northwest is an amazing place to grow up. As a kid, one of my favorite activities was camping around our beautiful state. My family would take weekends on the Olympic Peninsula and my brother, sister, and I loved to earn badges in the scouts. From the ocean to the mountains, the forests to the farmland, Washington state has something for everyone. Across the geographic diversity of the 8th, we are united in valuing our natural resources and celebrating the wealth of solar, wind, and hydroelectric power in the eastern part of our district. We are duty-bound to protect our precious natural resources in a way that is compatible with long-term economic growth and I am dedicated to finding common environmental policy ground that works for us all.

There’s never been a more important time for the 8th District to have a representative in Congress who can protect our shared resources. The Trump Administration seems determined to figuratively and literally bulldoze its way over environmental regulations that govern air and water pollution, wildlife protection, public lands, and science-based decision-making. As your congresswoman, I will be duty-bound to stand in opposition to such policies, and these will be my priorities:

  • Leadership and Innovation –
    • Combating climate change. As a scientist and a doctor, I will fight to ensure that decisions are made based on evidence and sound science, not the fact-fuzzy opinions of those who take money from the fossil fuel industry. Across our “purple” district, we are united in our connection to the land, air, and water – and in recognition that global climate change is REAL and will continue to have devastating effects on our world and region if we do not reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote green energy without burdening our farmers and small businesses. As your congresswoman, I will promote comprehensive climate change reform, de-incentivize fossil fuel production while incentivizing alternative clean energy, and invest in technology and infrastructure that will support a bright, clean future;
    • Ensuring that the United States remains known as an active and enthusiastic proponent of the Paris Climate Agreement and opposing President Trump’s withdrawal from the pact, not only to emphasize the importance of the future health of our planet, but also to make sure that America is the leading voice in environmental policy.
    • Promoting green energy projects that create jobs statewide, and demanding purposeful inclusion of transitional training and positions so that our experienced workers from fossil fuel-associated industries lead the way with new applications of their skills to green energy production;
    • Protecting the health of our citizens by spearheading science-based research and response to combat the effects of climate change on our people and communities.
  • Mitigation –
    • Instituting policies and funding resources that will help prevent, lessen, and recover from the kinds of climate impacts that we are already experiencing, such as the devastating impact of wildfires in the Pacific Northwest;
    • Investing in the ongoing clean-up of critical resources and sites across Washington, including the Puget Sound and Hanford nuclear site, through local projects and partnerships.
  • Protection –
    • Protecting public lands such as national parks, national forests, and wildlife refuges that belong to all of us. Sadly, President Trump and certain factions of the Republican parties are working to “transfer” or privatize our public places for the benefit of energy companies and the extremely wealthy. As your congresswoman, I will work tirelessly to reject such ideas and protect our shared lands from being sold off, contaminated, or otherwise abused;
    • Improving the management of Washington state’s salmon population, with an eye toward protecting the fishing industry while preserving our region’s iconic fish, and in turn, Puget Sound’s resident orcas which feed on them;
    • Championing initiatives that protect our wilderness and recreation areas from development and promote healthy forests, clean waters, and robust wildlife.