I launched my campaign for Congress with the commitment to focus on ALL of the people and regions across the 8th district. Now, I’ve built a purposeful, broad-based coalition of supporters from all reaches of this geographically diverse district—from every county and both sides of the Cascades: local grassroots Democratic and activist groups, labor, local elected officials and community leaders, and national experts and issues-based organizations.

DEMOCRATS’ CHOICE: I’m the only candidate in this race to have earned the support of ALL 15 local grassroots Democratic party groups* in the district who have endorsed so far, 12 of which are sole endorsements.

COMMUNITY LEADERS: I have support from community leaders across the district in Pierce, King, Kittitas, Chelan, and Douglas Counties: small business owners and local elected officials.

LABOR: I have sole labor support on both sides of the mountains including the North Central Washington Central Labor Council in Wenatchee.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: I’ve received the sole endorsements of OneAmerica Votes, OneAmerica Votes Muslim Committee, Centro Latino: Northwest Family Services Institute in Wenatchee, and Donny Guerrero, a leader of the Hispanic community and LGBTQ+ community in Wenatchee. In fact, I’m the only candidate in this race to have received endorsements from any groups whose mission it is to specifically engage and improve the lives of people of color.

ISSUES: I've also earned the sole support of the National Organization for Women, national gun violence prevention expert Dr. Mark Rosenberg, Foreign Policy for America Action PAC, and the Leadership Now Project for ethical business leadership for a strong democracy.

*King County Democrats, Pierce County Democrats, Pierce County Young Democrats,11th, 25th, 28th, 30th, 31st, 33rd, 41st, 45th, 47th Legislative District Democrats (sole endorsements); King County Young Democrats; Kittitas County & 5th Legislative District Democrats.


The Seattle Times

"Where [candidates for the 8th] differ most is in their track records of working collaboratively, managing budgets and demanding that government programs get results.

In these areas, Hader, a public-health doctor and past division director at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has the clear edge.

Repeatedly in an interview, Hader gave the most nuanced, specific answers — without a trace of a politician’s coyness — on how she would approach policies ranging from renegotiating trade deals to building upon the Affordable Care Act.

Constituents in a trade-dependent state need someone who can jump in and start making a difference immediately. Among the Democrats running, there is no question that person is Hader."



King County Democrats

Sole Endorsement:

“(Hader’s) interview was an experience … it could have lasted 10 hours and I would’ve never been bored and she would’ve never been stumped. It was incredibly impressive."

- Patrick Allcorn, Committee Co-Chair


Pierce County Democrats

Sole Endorsement:

“Shannon is one of the most well-spoken people we’ve ever had the pleasure to talk with. There wasn’t a single question where she said ‘you know what…I don’t know enough about that issue to speak to that right now’… she would speak for several minutes and it was a pleasure to listen to. She has multi-pronged approaches to curbing the opioid epidemic, to curbing the homelessness epidemic, to increasing mental health services in Pierce County. She was able to speak eloquently to land use. She really was covering all her bases in the way that she spoke on issues.”


Kittitas County Democrats

"She knows how those (federal government) wheels grind and she knows how to work within them. That's really, really, really, important when you get in there to hit the ground running. Go Shannon!

- Mary Monahan, Kittitas County Democrats PCO


47th Legislative District Democrats

Sole Endorsement:

“The 47th considered all three candidates individually and voted overwhelmingly to support Shannon Hader. This indicates that she was the most qualified, best prepared, and strongest candidate to defeat Dino Rossi in November.”


45th Legislative District Democrats

Sole Endorsement:

"She won’t just be another vote in Congress; she has the potential to be an extraordinary legislator. That’s what sets her apart from the other candidates." - Endorsement Committee notes


41st Legislative District Democrats

Sole Endorsement:

“Shannon is the only candidate who has shown bipartisan success in Washington, D.C., has a wealth of policy knowledge on virtually every topic, and is the candidate best positioned to defeat three-time loser Dino Rossi. We wholeheartedly endorse Shannon Hader."



33rd Legislative District Democrats

Sole Endorsement:

“The 33rd District Democrats think Shannon Hader best understands the concerns and people in South King County. We are a very diverse district of blue collar, white collar and minimum wage workers, senior citizens, students, immigrants, and low- to middle-income families. Shannon understands the variety of challenges we face, like protecting Social Security, union jobs, access to healthcare and education, and helping our most vulnerable people. She has realistic, smart ideas on how to address these problems in D.C., and even better, the knowledge, courage, and strength to fight for us. We’ll all be better off with Shannon Hader in Congress.” - Stacia Jenkins, Chair, 33rd District Democrats


31st Legislative District Democrats

Sole Endorsement:

“Our sole endorsement reflects a strong belief that Dr. Hader is the best choice to represent the people of the 8th CD. Her extensive experience, including at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, demonstrates a successful track record making sure that tax dollars are used efficiently to deliver results that meaningfully improve people's lives. Her commitment to workers' rights, women's rights, social justice, and environmental protection aligns with the values of a majority of voters in this district.”


30th Legislative District Democrats

Sole Endorsement:

“Dr. Shannon Hader is prepared to do the work on day one in D.C. and fight for the people of the 8th CD. She understands community- based work, has ideas and solutions for many of the biggest issues we are facing, and has the energy to fight the current administration when they try to minimize the needs of the middle class. The 30th LD is proud to endorse Dr. Hader on her run for Congress!”


28th Legislative District Democrats

Sole Endorsement:

“Shannon will provide us with the leadership that will listen to our needs. Her values speak to family supporting jobs, good health care, and strong public education. She represents the values that we all share.”


25th Legislative District Democrats

Sole Endorsement:

"Shannon Hader is the best-prepared and hardest-working candidate we have had for the 8th CD in the 24 years I have lived in Pierce County.”

- Cliff Allo, 25th LD Endorsement Committee member


11th Legislative District Democrats

Sole Endorsement:

“The 11th Legislative District Democrats are proud to have given our endorsement to Shannon Hader. Her background and experience, as well as ties to all areas of the district makes her an excellent candidate for the House of Representatives. We believe she is well equipped to hit the ground running and represent the residents of the 8th Congressional District.”


5th Legislative District Democrats

"The 5th Legislative District Democrats - representing parts of Maple Valley, Renton, and Issaquah - have given their endorsement to Auburn native Shannon Hader in the primary election for Washington’s 8th Congressional District." 

King County Young Democrats

“More than ever, we need strong candidates and elected officials who will stand up for what is right and just.”

Pierce County Young Democrats

Sole Endorsement:

“Shannon won our endorsement because she projected our values in a way that resonated with us. She has the passion that you hope to see in your elected officials. We can't wait to work with her.”


OneAmerica Votes

Sole Endorsement:

“Dr. Shannon has our sole endorsement because she connected with our community leaders who found her work fighting health epidemics shows she is not afraid to take on big challenges and work through the grind of government to deliver results. Her commitment to service and inclusion for minorities is much needed at this juncture in our history. She is a fighter who would work hard to protect the rights of all not only the privileged.”

- Mubarak Elamin of OneAmerica Votes


OneAmerica Votes Muslim Committee

Sole Endorsement:

"Her world view, experience, and grit promises to deliver results for a better future for our neighbors across WA-8 and our country."

- Mubarak Elamin of the Muslim Committee


Auburn WA Flip 8th CD

Sole Endorsement:

"Shannon is the only candidate with the service record, experience, and leadership needed to serve the diverse residents and needs of the 8th."

- Chris Franco, Auburn WA Flip 8th CD


Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee

“5” rating (Highly Recommended) and the only candidate - not just in the 8th District race, but across all the rated races - to receive “Straight A’s” across all categories.

This is not an endorsement.


North Central Washington Central Labor Council

Sole Endorsement:

“We wanted the competence and experience that could translate into navigating D.C. corridors effectively. We needed a candidate with an understanding of our issues who can hit the ground running, fighting on the side of Labor. Shannon Hader is that candidate and we proudly support her.”

- Council President Paul Parmley


Wenatchee Aluminum Trades Council

Sole Endorsement:

“Her depth and breadth of knowledge, her experience in running a huge federal agency, and her lifelong family connection to unions made her the obvious choice.”

- Kelley Woodard, Council President


United Steelworkers Local 310A

Sole Endorsement:

“Her knowledge of the issues that are important to workers here in Wenatchee is exceptional and her commitment to our shared values is unwavering. We’re excited to help her beat Dino Rossi and to work with her to protect workers rights in Congress.”

- Kelley Woodard, Local 310A President


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 77

Sole Endorsement:

“She not only has the well-being of workers in mind, but also has the kind of experience at the federal level to make things happen. She’s clearly the best candidate ensure that workers have a voice in Congress.”

- Local 77 President Rick Johnson


Iron Workers Local 86

Sole Endorsement:

“Local 86 is proud to give their sole endorsement to Dr. Shannon Hader in the race for Washington’s 8th Congressional District seat. She has a special understanding of the needs of workers and gets what it means to help struggling workers to have more opportunities for employment and improved quality of life by way of better earning security. Shannon grabbed out attention with her views on protecting pensions and her deep knowledge of the government entities that affect our pension security. As a resident of the 8th, I was so impressed that I’m supporting her personally too, as is my brother who also lives in the 8th. She speaks our language and I know she’ll be an outstanding advocate for workers’ rights and families.”

- Chris McClain, of Iron Workers Local 86


Retired Public Employees Council

"We appreciate that Shannon took the time to meet with our members, discuss and ask questions about the issues impacting retirees, and is committed to finding solutions to the problems facing our members. We believe Shannon’s background and proven experience attaining concrete results makes her a great choice to represent the 8th District."

- Kandy Kraig, RPEC President


IBEW Local 46

Sole Endorsement:

“The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 46 stands firm in our commitment in supporting Dr. Shannon Hader, whom we feel is the strongest, most experienced candidate to fill the 8th District Congressional seat for the State of Washington. Dr. Shannon Hader’s past track record of accomplishments within the CDC and her strong ethical leadership earned our approval. Her demonstrated belief of her responsibility to her community, near and far, earned her our endorsement.”

- IBEW Local 46 representative Keith Weir


The Association of Flight Attendants - CWA (AFA)

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) represents nearly 50,000 members at 20 airlines. It is a union organized by Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants. AFA works to negotiate better pay, benefits, working conditions and work rules at each airline, and fights to improve safety, health and security for Flight Attendants and passengers. AFA advocates for policies and legislation that directly impact the U.S. economy, aviation safety and national security.

National Organization for Women

Sole Endorsement:

"Dr. Hader is the only candidate who has experience and proof points of delivering results with federal dollars and resources for communities, and will do the same for the 8th district in Congress."


Foreign Policy for America Action Network

Sole Endorsement:

“Dr. Shannon Hader is an incredibly inspiring public servant. As a doctor, she could have done anything, but she chose to devote her career to stopping the spread of infectious diseases and keeping Americans safe. We need Members of Congress with that kind of dedication and experience to get our country back on track. That’s why we’re so excited to support Shannon for Congress.”

- Andrew Albertson, Executive Director of Foreign Policy for America


Leadership Now Project "New Leader to Watch"

Sole Endorsement:

One of only six candidates selected from the west coast, and the only selected candidate running for office in Washington State.


American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists PAC

Sole Endorsement:

"Dedicated to the advancement of women’s health care and the professional and socioeconomic interests of its members through continuing medical education, practice, research, and advocacy."


Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction

This is a candidate distinction in recognition of standing up for gun violence prevention and gun safety.

This is not an endorsement.


Dr. Mark Rosenberg

“We need people in Congress who recognize the need to research the causes of gun violence and how to prevent it. We need people who understand how science can help us find ways to both reduce gun violence and protect gun rights. Shannon understands that these goals are not mutually exclusive. Shannon understands how to use data to get answers and how to work within the government to get results. She can be part of a greater solution that will benefit all of us. It's rare that a person as distinguished as Shannon is willing to give up a highly successful career as a physician and scientist to serve her community and country. It's very rare and even more inspiring and important."   

- Dr. Mark Rosenberg, national gun violence prevention expert and founding director of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at the CDC



Blue Streak Science

“Science is being assaulted from all sides today. In just the past year, the federal government has removed the word “science” from government websites, slashed scientific research budgets, called for neutering the Endangered Species Act, and has left vacant dozens of science-based government positions. As a scientist and epidemiologist Dr. Shannon Hader recognizes the need to reverse this trend and apply scientific and critical thinking to our decision-making on Capitol Hill. Dr. Hader’s experience as both a scientist and a public servant make her uniquely qualified to both understand and implement the changes our country needs now, and well into the 21st century.”

Other Endorsements

Elected Officials & Community Leaders

Other Endorsements

Auburn Mayor Nancy Backus

Former Secretary of the Interior and CEO of REI, Sally Jewell

Former Congressman Jim McDermott

Former U.S. Ambassador Christopher Dell

Former CDC Director Dr. William Foege

Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Judith Billings

Former Washington State Senator Nita Rinehart

Former Seattle Mayor Charles Royer

State Senator Rebecca Saldana (King)

State Senator Jeannie Darneille (Pierce)

State Rep. Zack Hudgins

Bill Peloza, Auburn City Council Member

Marla Mhoon, Covington City Council Member

Lyle Markhart, Wenatchee City Council Member

Matthew Hepner, East Wenatchee City Council Member

Dan Popp, Snoqualmie Valley School Board Director

Ray Vefik, Auburn School Board President

John Holman, Auburn City Council Member

Chris Franco, former 8th District Candidate, Teamster, and Veteran

Tony Ventrella, former 8th Congressional District Candidate

Rob Fraser, Kittitas County Democrats Vice Chair

Dr. Dave Little, 2nd Legislative District Democratic Chair

Robert Moody, 2nd Legislative District Democrats Programs & Activities Vice Chair and Endorsements Committee Chair

Monika Warner, Longtime Union Activist

Rachael Goldie, Chelan Community Leader

Wayne & Patti Erickson, Longtime Ellensburg Community Leaders

Teresa Farrell, Owner Bear Foods Market, Chelan

Mario and Maria Reyes, Wenatchee community leaders

Alma and Jorge Chacon, Wenatchee community leaders

Julie Johnson, Lummi Tribe Member

Matt Loschen, Education Management Professional

Donny Guerrero, Spectrum NCW

Dr. Mark Johnson

Dr. Sally S. White

Ian Jacobson

Laura Williams

Mary White

Dr. Tom Heller

Jimmy Kolker

Lori Wallach

Dr. Wendi Gosliner

Farley Cleghorn, MD

Amir A. Afkhami, MD, PhD,

Emily Gibbons

Lisa K. Fitzpatrick, MD

Julie Szmania

Ludger Szmania

Lael Isola

Phil Aspenwall

Kelly Anderson

Martha Vasquez

Brooklyn Holton

Tom Derpack

Bruce Keleman

Jeanette Roberts

Robert Segan

Adam Tenner

Robin Walker

Mike Bush

Mark Fischer

Nicole Whitescarver

Tom Kenyon

Tracy Grey

Mary Kroll

Tom LaSalvia

Gunhild Kristin Jordan

Jeff Stringer

Raleigh Watts

James Little

Mary Campbell

Dana Hinman

Murray Penner

David Koelle

Dianne Lattemann

James Woodward

Reena Koshy

Kirby Pollard

Judy Derpack

Lena Makaroun

Carissa Anuar

Gail Spurrell

Hanne Thiede

Greg Knight

Janice Nelson

Martin Backer

Khaja Ahmed

Hani Rachidi

Kim Atwill

Sherri Scott

Bryce W. Furness

Beverly Benson Vifian

Tami Kendall

Kathryn Cohen

Lynn Anderson

Jacqueline Ruedi

John Murphy

Kathleen Love

Mark Johnson

Sheril Bechard

Megan Anderson

Andrzej Montano

Adrienne Czechowski

John Moore

Kenneth Albinger

John Chapman

Bethany Ionta

Katherine Currie

Adrian Fussell

Deborah Stofer

Uzma Butte

Lindsay Kull

Scott Kendall

Tamara Kendall

Erica Lee

Mary Monahan

Stephanie Lounsbury-Griffin

Joseph Davey

Judith Derpack

Thomas Derpack

Jan Hader

Bernadette Jungblut

Liahna Armstrong

Paul Myhre

Momi Palmieri

Melody Madlem

Jacqueline Van Dongen

Teresa Anderman

Andy Lane

Suzi Lane

KC Shankland

Chauncie Belcher

Diane Marie Farr

Chun Chieh Huang

Willard John Kelly

Jennifer Lassley Knight

Terri Lindeke

Uzma Butte

Laurence Jordan

Victoria Perkis

Marvin Rosete

Margaret Vanwyk

Donald Bunger

Joanne Meyers

Kathy Hazen

Rita Schwarting

Robert Rose

Carol Workman

Sandra Vanwagoner

Rosanne Lanning

Maria Fernandez

Richard Montoya

Louise Simons

Evan Faas

Dwayne Berg

Gary Barton

Julie Badgley

Linda Tosti Lane

Jennifer Mechem

Irene Morrow

Lorna Mrachek

Patricia Erickson

Virginia Bell

Mary Bryant

Ellyn Freed

Samara Donald

Dana Gould

Patrick Dunn