Economy & Jobs

I come from a family of hard workers, who all want their kids to be able to take care of the people around them and build a brighter future. In high school, my Mom was a serious student and artist, and worked at Lewis & Clark theater to try to earn enough money for college. She spent decades teaching dance and art at various community centers, adopting new skills and specialties along the way. Her dad was a farmer and a Teamster, driving truck for Safeway for 46 years. My Dad was also a serious student, as well as a disciplined athlete and a life guard. He was a Navy mechanic and a Boeing guy – and a union member, first with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and then for 20 years with the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace. His grandfather was first-generation American, a bricklayer who refused to teach his grandkids the trade because he wanted them to focus on their education. And sprinkled among my extended family are machinists, bakers, photographers, IT systems managers, teachers, lunch ladies, nurses, small business owners, and soldiers. I’m part of the first generation of cousins where every family has at least one kid who received a four-year college degree.

I tell you this because it’s important to know how my family’s history frames my position on jobs and the economy. Every decision I make and every vote I cast will be with the intention of doing what’s right for the hard-working people of the 8th District – people like my mom, dad, siblings, cousins, and grandparents – and people like you and your neighbors.

As your congresswoman, my priorities will be:

  • Ensuring that America is competitive now and in the future. This includes supporting science, research, and innovation both the public and private sector, making college more affordable and promoting community colleges, apprenticeships, and technical careers – particularly in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math disciplines, creating an employee pipeline for the technology-based industries that are vital to our area.
  • Reversing Trump’s tax giveaways to the rich and making the tax code instead benefit the middle class, reforming policies that penalize wage-earners and reward unearned income, and removing tax breaks and loopholes that only benefit the extremely wealthy.
  • Supporting small businesses by ensuring they can access credit, loans, and the kind of technical assistance that will help them grow.
  • Putting laws in place that make workers more secure and ends worker instability and abuse. I will support a federal minimum wage that actually supports full-time workers; paid sick leave so employees don’t have to sacrifice health for a job; worker scheduling rules that gives employees certainty regarding their hours; and overtime rules to make sure that workers get paid for all hours they work.
  • Putting protections against sexual harassment in the workplace, particularly for low-wage workers and jobs that are predominantly held by women.
  • Assisting homeowners by keeping the housing market stable, investing in affordable housing, and supporting reforms that prevent predatory lending and fend off foreclosures.
  • Helping families care for seniors by giving tax credits to help ease the financial burden of long-term needs and expanding programs that assist families who care for elderly or disabled family members.
  • Addressing our nation’s energy issues with the promotion of green energy – and supporting the purposeful development of this “transitional economy” by training workers displaced from other energy-focused jobs.
  • Encouraging foreign trade and nurturing partnerships that are critical for agriculture and manufacturing jobs, while enforcing standards for labor, the environment, and health quality, so American companies are playing on a level field with the competition.