Citizens United

Corporations are not people. And treating them as such disenfranchises living, breathing, real people.
Simply put, that’s why I want to overturn Citizens United and why I will fight in Congress to do so.  I fully support a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and believe this is the only way to restore accountability in our elections. There is absolutely no place in our politics for unlimited, undisclosed dark money.
Only voters should decide elections and it must be in a fair and transparent system. The 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission threw the door wide open for the wealthiest individuals and special interests to pile unlimited – and untraceable – money into our elections. This decision was not only wrong-headed, but dangerous to our democracy. We must have accountability. We must have transparency. We cannot allow the unimaginably wealthy – the Koch brothers, the Adelsons, and others – to continue to wield political power that renders the individual nearly voiceless. Furthermore, we have to hold candidates of both parties accountable for the money they accept and where it comes from. You can tell a lot about a candidate when you follow the money, which is why I will never take contributions from the NRA, Tobacco, Big Pharma, or any other PAC that doesn’t align with our shared principles here in Washington state.
Make no mistake, SuperPACs are already setting up shop in our local communities. The Great America Committee (Vice President Mike Pence), Eye of the Tiger PAC (Rep. Steve Scalise), and KochPAC (Koch brothers) have already pledged support for Dino Rossi in this race. What’s more, the Congressional Leadership Fund – Speaker Paul Ryan’s SuperPAC – has even gone as far as to set up an office in the 8th District. And we will never know who is funding these efforts – the real identity of funders will be shielded from the voters. This kind of extreme money distorts democracy. American citizens are entitled to “an equally effective voice” in our elections – “One person, one vote.” That vote cannot be drowned out by the waterfall of money coming from the enormously wealthy and well-connected. 
As your Congresswoman, I will support efforts to demand transparency in reporting. I will not treat money as ‘votes’. I will seek to put an end to the kind of campaign contributions that make a mockery of democracy. And I will work with representatives of both parties for a Constitutional amendment that will overturn and put an end to Citizens United.